Philipp Karner, Producer, Writer (story), "Fulton".

Philipp Karner is a writer, producer, director and actor. After graduating culinary school in his hometown Vienna, Austria and powering through the mandatory nine-month military stint, Philipp thought he’d put all those skills to good use and move to New York City to become an actor. Karner spent the next six years in New York studying and appearing in several Off-Broadway plays. His first two flashy TV appearances were as a suit salesman on “Sex & The City” and a telemarketer on “The Sopranos." In dire need of nicer weather, Karner moved to Los Angeles where he started with guest roles on “Castle,” “Without a Trace,” “Will & Grace” and “CSI: Miami” and played a recurring role on “Everwood.” He acted in the Affleck/Damon produced Project Greenlight film “The Battle of Shaker Heights” and landed lead roles in the romantic comedy “Kiss the Bride” and the independent drama “The Price of Happiness.” Karner then decided to go behind the scenes and directed two theatre productions -- “Stop Kiss" and “Dolores" -- which were both very well received. A play that also caught Karner's eye was  "Diving Normal," which he found in a bookstore and was immediately drawn to. Years later, fate would have its way when Karner and his producing partner, Scotty Crowe, (who had joined him in Los Angeles runs of the production) had an opportunity to turn this play into a movie. Filmed in NYC, in the summer of 2012, the movie can currently be seen at various festivals across the nation. Philipp continues to write and is looking forward to directing his first feature film later this year.


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